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① → oshare kei: the happier, lighter, cuter, brighter, fluffier, and usually more colorfully eye-blinding, etc., side of VISUAL KEI.
② → おしゃれ/oshare: (verb) "to dress stylishly"
③ → As said in #1, oshare kei is the more colorfully eyeblinding side of VISUAL KEI. Thus said, bands under this style live up to the meaning by dressing up in colorful costumes, or in DECORA and/or FRUiTS style. So, many of them are seen sporting massive amounts of jewelry and bags of cartoon characters and animals slung on, tons of hairclips that make you go dizzy because you'd lose count, and lighter make-up. The music is more happy sounding, the lyrics lighter and happier.
④ → Who started OSHARE KEI? Ahh...not even us mods can answer that~...although, many people consider BAROQUE as the band that started this whole thing.
⑤ → Interested? Here are some good bands: Milphinne (みるふぃね), NeverCrazy, Charlotte (しゃるろっと), Lolita23q (女-ロリヰタ-23区.), Panic☆ch., Under, Shelly Trip Realize, Delphinnium (デルフィニウム), AnCafé (アンティック-珈琲店-), Grimm (ぐりむ), Hanamuke (餞ハナむケ。. ), Ichigo69 (苺69), Iroha (いろは), Kra, Irokui (いろくい。), Kazoku (華族), and Barby (バービ), to name a few. If you want to know more, you could always go surfing at VISUNAVI (a reliable site for a list of any and all upcoming visual kei bands, with profiles, member lists, live schedules, discography, and links to their official site!) and look around for an OSHARE KEI band.

① NO spamming.
② Sticky caps = no.
③ If you're nice to everyone, then everyone will be nice to you.
④ Feel free to post info, news, pictures, media, fanworks, etc. All posts are okay, as long as they aren't pointless and oshare kei-related.
⑤ If you're going to take some of that music, SUPPORT THEM BY ACTUALLY BUYING THEIR STUFF, 'KAY?! (You should know where to do that; otherwise you can go over here.)
⑥ Put large images behind LJ-CUT. All media and media request posts have to be friend-locked.
⑦ Advertising: Before advertising anything, ASK FIRST. All questions are directed to MYOUU. If she's not online, questions are directed to PHAX. Don't even try to ask about advertising a community or fansite or whatever for one of those "cute bands that have 1 or 2 or NO songs out"; it's a waste of time for everybody. Advertising is strictly narrowed down to oshare kei band communities or general indies sites/communities. If you're selling something, it has to be oshare kei-related, too, like a band's photosets or CDs, etc.
⑧ To crosspost your sales post here you have to sell at least 3 oshare CDs or/and 5 flyers. Also always name what band those are by. No ‘many flyers/ CDs’ posts please. Before posting, please make sure all the bands are oshare. The best way for it? Check community info or Myouu's rotation posts, many bands are believed to be oshare, thought they are not, like Mask or Alice nine, having cuter image once or twice doesn’t equal being oshare kei band, so please pay attention to that.
⑨ If you want to be affiliates with us, contact MYOUU. Please don't ask about it in your intro post. We want to keep such organization things from community posts. ※NOTE※ We only affiliate with OSHARE-connected communities/sites, and general VK indies communities/sites.
⑩ And lastly, have fun. ♥


01.) Name?
02.) How did you find out about J-Music?
03.) How did you find out about OSHARE KEI?
04.) What are your favorite OSHARE bands?
05.) Do you love me? <3?
06.) Be honest, did all the nice colorful-ness of OSHARE blind you at some point?
07.) Who is the best vocalist ever?
08.) Do you secretly love Gackt/Mana/Miyavi, but won't admit it?
09.) In the fewest words you can manage, what comes to your mind when you hear words “OSHARE”?
***NOTE: oshare_kei is a community about music and even though fashion is a big part of the oshare scene, this community was meant to focus on the music so unless you are cosplaying as an oshare band, please do not post pictures of yourself. Thank you.

→ made by Mija of CRAZED_SYSTEM. Features Irokui.
→ for the userinfo: features IROKUI; picture taken from OHP. Made by LAIN.

angura_kei for the questionnaire.
jrock_scans/indies_scans & TRE for the image & the textures used in the graphics for the USERINFO.

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