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FINAL CHANCE! Prices reduced!

Originally posted by cin_cin at FINAL CHANCE! Prices reduced!

Hi everyone I am moving to Japan in April and in need of extra funds for I am saving up and have a few things to get before I move! A lot of the items I am selling are from in Japan but I have a few other items too~

More photos and items on my blog!

Sale policies:
* I have positive feedback here and a review here.
* All prices are in AU$.
* Items will be shipped from Perth, Western Australia within 48 hrs after payment is accepted.
* Shipping is by Australia Post regular mail (local) or air mail (international) and may take up to 2 weeks. Faster shipping methods, tracking and insurance is available for an extra cost. Sorry for the big gap between local and international pricing, shipping is quite expensive in Australia!
* Payment via Paypal within 48 hrs.
* 10% discount if you buy multiple items! Plus free gift with every purchase~
* For a reference I am a size AU10, 167 cm (5’5″), 58 kgs (128 pounds).
* All items measured flat from seam to seam.
* All items are cleaned prior to shipping except brand new with tag items.
Feel free to negotiate prices!
* Please leave a comment if interested or have any questions 
(Korilakkuma doll not included.)


Dip Drops Cape
 Dip Drops
Size: Free (width 113 cm, length 55 cm)
Description: Worn only once! Bought online at Flagshop. Selling it because it is too short for me
Price: $50 shipped (Australia), $60 shipped (international)

Brand: Forever New
Size: AU10 (Shoulders: 54 cm, Bust: 53 cm, Waist: 53 cm, Hip: 53 cm, Length: 83 cm, Arm length: 62 cm)
Description: Only worn twice and in almost new condition!! Super soft and warm so perfect for winter~ Features removable faux fur collar and tied waist.
Price: $25 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: Miss Shop
Size: AU12 (Shoulders: 40 cm, Bust: 53 cm, Waist: 55 cm, Hip: 58 cm, Length: 84 cm, Arm length: 66 cm)
Description: Brand new without tag! I really wanted this coat but it was sold out so I decided to get a size bigger…  Big mistake because it’s too big and I couldn’t return it! Wool-rich material so it’s super warm and features brown ribbon trims on the collar, cuffs, pockets and opening.
Price: $60 Shipped (Australia), $70 Shipped (International)

Brand: Miss Shop
Size: AU12 (Shoulders: 40 cm, Bust: 43 cm, Waist: 43 cm, Hip: 43 cm, Length: 60 cm, Arm length: 67 cm)
Description: Great condition. A little pilling here and there but nothing that can’t be trimmed off (I can pre-trim it for you~). Features adjustable belted waist  and faux fur trimmed hood in a pretty green chunky knit. It is a zip up cardi too (like a parka~)
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $20 Shipped (International)

Brand: CatWorld
Size: Free (shoulders 37 cm, bust 42 cm, waist 45 cm, hip 57 cm, length 68 cm, arm length 60 cm)
Description: Brand new without tag. Bought this on YesStyle. Selling because I never ended up wearing it.
Price: $20 shipped (Australia), $25 shipped (international)

Brand: E hyphen world gallery
Size: Free (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 46 cm, Waist: 53cm, Hip: 59 cm, Length: 61 cm, Arm length: 53 cm)
Description: Worn only once. Online special item. Comes with alpaca lipbalm case strap. Bought it because of the alpaca but the shirt is too small on my shoulders. I am selling it with the alpaca strap!
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: earth music & ecology
Size: Free (Shoulders: 37 cm, Bust: 51 cm, Waist: 61 cm, Hip: 70 cm, Length: 54 cm, Arm length: 33 cm)
Description:  Excellent condition. Worn 4-5 times. Bought online. The shoulders are too small for me so I'm selling it.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 30 cm, Bust: 43.5 cm, Waist: 45 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 54 cm, Arm opening: 21 cm)
Description: Only worn once. Bought online. Again, I have problems with the shoulder.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 44 cm, Waist: 47 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 66 cm, Arm opening: 56 cm)
Description:  Only worn twice. Super warm and great for layering. Great condition! Too small for my shoulders..
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Brand: Babi Story
Size: Free (Shoulders: 40cm, Bust: 45 cm, Waist: 48 cm, Hip: 50 cm, Length: 67 cm, Arm length: 18 cm, Arm opening: 21 cm)
Description:  Brand new with tag!! Bought the wrong item for me from Gmarket when I joined a group order.. Features pretty floral print on a flowy chiffon-like fabric (but not sheer!)
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Brand: Miss Shop
Size: AU12 (Shoulders: 33 cm, Bust: 49 cm, Waist: 49 cm, Length: 42 cm, Arm length: 26 cm)
Description:  Worn many times but still in good condition~ It’s super fluffy and soft ♥ The contrasting check lining in the inside makes it even more adorable!
Price: $8 Shipped (Australia), $13 Shipped (International)

Brand: French Kitty
Size: S (Shoulders: 37cm, Bust: 52 cm, Waist: 51 cm, Hip: 55 cm, Length: 59 cm, Arm opening: 23 cm)
Description:  New without tag. Features ruffles on the sleeves and lace. Shoulders too small for me.
More details: 1
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Jayjays
Size: S (Shoulders: 38cm, Bust: 41 cm, Waist: 39 cm, Hip: 46 cm, Length: 58 cm)
Description:  Official Alice in Wonderland T-shirt. Features sparkley silver print and cute heart banner under the White Rabbit’s trumpet. Only worn 3-4 times!!!
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)


Size: M (Waist: 32 cm, Hip: 43 cm, Length: 95 cm, Leg width (at thighs): 20 cm)
Description: Bought second hand from LJ. Never worn by me for it is too small. Great condition! Elastic on the back. Quite stretchy material. Skinny fit.
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Forever New
Size: AU14 (Waist: 42 cm, Hip: 51 cm, Length: 33.5 cm, Leg opening: 30 cm)
Description: Only worn once. Much too big for me so I'm selling. 
Price: $30 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: Sportsgirl
Size: AU11 (Waist: 38 cm, Hip: 46 cm, Length: 109 cm, Leg width (at thighs): 23 cm)
Description: Almost new condition! Very flattering cut.
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $20 Shipped (International)

Brand: Valleygirl
Size: AU12 (Waist: 42 cm, Hip: 50 cm, Length: 39 cm, Leg opening: 29 cm)
Description: Cute ribbon-detailed twill shorts~ The ribbon on the waist and buttons are adorable~~ Worn only once! Almost new condition!
Price: $8 Shipped (Australia), $13 Shipped (International)

Brand: Syugapeon
Size: Free (Waist: 29 cm, Hip: 60 cm, Length: 31 cm, Leg opening: 63 cm)
Description: Almost new condition! Much too short for me. The waist is elastic and stretchy. It looks super cute on.
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Jayjays
Size: AU10 (Waist: 39cm, Hip: 45 cm, Length: 34.5 cm)
Description: Two skirts for the price of one! Floral and starry chiffon ruffle skirts. I love it lots but I don’t wear it much anymore.. Fantastic condition!
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Size: L (Waist: 37 cm, Hip: 49 cm, Length: 31 cm, Leg opening: 29 cm)
Description: Good condition. The fluffy trims on the legs are super cute and warm~
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Valleygirl
Size: AU8 (Waist: 32.5 cm, Hip: 56 cm, Length (front): 56 cm, Length (back): 87 cm)
Description: Brand new without tag. Asymmertic style chiffon skirt with mini inside skirt. Short in the front and long in the back. Very sexy and elegant. Was too small for me.
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Brand: Sportsgirl
Size: AU8 (Waist: 37 cm, Hip: 46 cm, Length: 102 cm, Leg width (at thighs): 21 cm)
Description: Super cool damaged boyfriend jeans! Easy to wear in any style! Slight damage on the ripped parts (detail in the photo below) but other than that great condition!
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $20 Shipped (International)


Brand: w closet
Size: Free (Shoulders: 31 cm, Bust: 42 cm, Waist: 44 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 132.5 cm)
Description:  Excellent condition. Worn once. Comes with a sailor collar scarf! A bit too small for my big bottom..
Price: $30 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: H&M
Size: UK8 (Shoulders: 25 cm, Bust: 37 cm, Waist: 34 cm, Hip: 41 cm, Length: 80 cm)
Description:  Bought second hand but in excellent condition. I never worn it because it is too small. Features contrasting peter pan collar and hidden pockets.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Brand: SM2
Size: M (Shoulders: 30 cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 47 cm, Hip: 60 cm, Length: 94 cm)
Description:  Excellent condition! Bought second hand on LJ. Never worn by my for it doesn’t suit me. The waist could be adjusted by a ribbon in the back. Features cute denim buttons and pockets!
Price: $15 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: mitis (from fuuwa Green Parks)
Size: Free (Shoulders: 39cm, Bust: 46 cm, Waist: 56 cm, Hip: 60 cm, Length: 112 cm)
Description: Only worn once! Navy blue cord maxi dress~ Comes with matching scrunchie! The dress itself is quite thick and warm, so great for winter.
Price: $15 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: Babi Story
Size: Free (Shoulders: 35.5cm, Bust: 40 cm, Waist: 37 cm, Hip: 59 cm, Length: 83 cm, Arm length: 26 cm)
Description: Brand new with tag! Bought the wrong item for me from Gmarket when I joined a group order..
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: Valleygirl
Size: AU10 (Shoulders: 35cm, Bust: 43 cm, Waist: 52 cm, Hip: 59 cm, Length: 92 cm, Arm opening: 15 cm)
Description:  Brand new without tag. Features cute matryoshka and floral print with ruffles and cotton lace trims. Super adorable!
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Shoulders: 36cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 48 cm, Hip: 50 cm, Length: 74 cm, Arm length: 59 cm)
Description:  Only worn twice and in excellent condition! The lace trim is really really pretty and it’s perfect for layering in winter. I really really like this dress but it is much too short for me (the lace doesn’t show when I layer). I hope it can go to a good home~
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: Monob
Size: Free (Shoulders: 40 cm, Bust: 50 cm, Waist: 63 cm, Hip: 74 cm, Length: 81 cm)
Description: Brand new! (Didn’t come with a tag) Pretty embroidery detail. Could be worn as a dress. Didn’t look good on my shoulders..
Price: $28 Shipped (Australia), $33 Shipped (International)

Size: M (Shoulders: 36cm, Bust: 46 cm, Waist: 48 cm, Hip: 55 cm, Length: 84 cm, Arm length: 45.5 cm)
Description: Excellent condition! Pretty colour with cute ruffles.
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Size: Free (Bust: 41 cm, Waist: 51 cm, Hip: 64 cm, Length: 106 cm)
Description: Excellent condition! Worn twice. Great for layering and summer. Pretty lace details. Adjustable straps.
Price: $25 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

Brand: Sportsgirl
Size: M (Shoulders: 37cm, Bust: 40 cm, Waist: 38 cm, Hip: 48 cm, Length: 85 cm, Arm length: 49 cm)
Description: Good condition! Features pretty nordic pattern, 3/4 length sleeves, and pockets for keeping your hands warm~
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $22 Shipped (International)

Brand: Jeanswest
Size: M (Bust: 44 cm, Waist: 55 cm, Hip: 65 cm, Length: 97 cm)
Description: Brand new with tag! Gorgeous lace evening dress (or you can wear it during the day if you like to~). Features a sating ribbon under the bust and adjustable straps (also satin). The dress feels so luxurious! Too bad it didn’t fit me!
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Size: AU10 (Waist: 37 cm, Hip: 45 cm, Length: 83 cm)
Description: Great condition. Super cute knitted jumper skirt with adjustable straps, pockets and wood-like buttons!
Price: $15 Shipped (Australia), $20 Shipped (International)

Brand: Miss Shop
Size: AU10 (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 45 cm, Hip: 49 cm, Length: 81 cm, Arm length: 37 cm)
Description:  Brand new without tag! Lovely cream silky material with cotton lining on the inside so it’s not sticky.
Price: $18 Shipped (Australia), $23 Shipped (International)

Brand: Cotton On
Size: S (Shoulders: 36 cm, Bust: 47 cm, Waist: 50 cm, Hip: 54 cm, Length: 82 cm, Arm length: 61 cm)
Description:  Only worn twice. Looks new! Lovely blue colour with satin trims.
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Chic Simple
Size: Free (Bust: 39 cm, Waist: 56 cm, Hip: 66 cm, Length: 92 cm)
Description: Only worn once so in superb condition. Adjustable straps and elastic back. Pretty ribbon and lace. Pleats around the waist.
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Brand: merry making: s*hot (I bought it in S-PAL in Sendai)
Size: Free (Bust: 36 cm, Waist: 55 cm, Hip: 88 cm, Length: 84 cm)
Description: Worn a few times but still in superb condition. Super wide skirt makes a pretty ruffley look. Adjustable straps and elastic bust on the back.
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Brand: Hot Options
Size: AU10 (Bust: 39 cm, Waist: 40 cm, Hip: 69 cm, Length: 103 cm)
Description:  Like new. Only worn once. Gorgeous lace corsage and trims. Adjustable straps.
Price: $12 Shipped (Australia), $17 Shipped (International)

Brand: Jeanswest
Size: AU10 (Bust: 48 cm, Waist: 50 cm, Hip: 54 cm, Length: 80 cm, Arm length: 47 cm)
Description:  Worn once and in line new condition! Pretty floral print dress with different prints on the ruffles and lace on the very bottom! Comes with removable slip.
Price: $15 Shipped (Australia), $20 Shipped (International)

Brand: Keds
Size: (Men’s) 9.5 US/CA, 8.5 UK/MEX, 10 AU/NZ, 42.5 EU, 41 BR, 28.5 JP (Length: 26.67 cm/ 10.50 inches)
Description: Brand new!! I bought these shoes online thinking that they were a size 7.5AU Women’s but they turned out to be much too big for me (the size turned out to be in Men’s). I was unable to exchange them because they were custom made so I was stuck with them. The illustration was designed by Yoko Furusho and in absolutely adorable! The soft colours also makes them great for a casual Mori girl or Lolita  or Fairy-kei outfit! Comes in a cloth bag.
*Note: I bought a second pair of these shoes which turned out to be too big also (this was when I realise it is in men’s size), I have worn these pair but I may put it up for sale in the future. These are two sizes smaller than the pair above. If anyone is interested please let me know.
Price: $70 Shipped (Australia), $80 Shipped (International)


Description: Brand new without tag. Very cute felt beret. Didn’t fit my head very well so it’s up for sale. Pretty maroon/burgundy colour.
Price: $20 Shipped (Australia), $25 Shipped (International)

Brand: Swimmer
Description: Great condition. Still works perfectly. The sound quality isn’t as good as some headphones but I bought it because it’s cute! Folds down so it is portable. Features lace print and diamante ribbon on the ear pieces. I no longer have the original packaging sorry!
Price: $10 Shipped (Australia), $15 Shipped (International)

Brand: Swimmer
Description: Brand new without tag. Double layered knit gloves that goes quite high on your wrist so it’s super warm! Features ribbon design with diamante accents. I never had the opportunity to wear these adorable gloves (Perth just doesn’t get cold enough in winter)!
Price: $8 Shipped (Australia), $10 Shipped (International)

Size: M – for 160 cm height (Bust: 31 cm, Hip: 32 cm, Length: 61 cm)
Description: Brand new with tag. Cute floral print one piece swim suit! The cutouts and frills makes it even more appealing! (see the models ♥). I knew this wasn’t going to fit even without trying it on for I am too tall and wide-hipped for it!!   I bought it full price through a Korean shopping service. It comes with a clear plastic tote and fabric polka-dot drawstring bag! Details on the website. Adjustable straps, stretchy material, removable pads on the bust and hooks close on the back for more security.
Price: $30 Shipped (Australia), $35 Shipped (International)

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